QuickClean Sump-Side Filtration

Harrigan Solution's QuickClean sump-side filtration service is a revitalizing way to keep your sumps and facilities in great condition. Not only will your machines be in great shape, you'll dramatically reduce downtime, labor, fluid usage and disposal costs without capital investment.

Here's how sump-side filtration works. In the traditional filtering process, a fluid change involves

extracting out the old fluids, transporting them across the shop floor, disposing of them, then taking apart the chip conveyors and sumps to clean them before refilling the machine with new fluid. Both employee and machine are tied up all day.

Watch the above video for an overview of how QuickClean sump-side filtration from Harrigan Solutions is different, and how we can get the same job done in less than two hours. And when labor and machine downtime are considered, the savings add up quickly!

We saved one of our customers $122,206 in one year!

How Sump Side Filtration Saves Money

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Quick Clean Sump Side Filtration