Preventive Maintenance

Lower your vulnerability to a major shutdown.

Without proper preventive care, the performance of filters, centrifuges and fluids suffers. 

In today's challenging business environment, companies of all sizes remain under pressure to cut expenses, and services thought to be non essential - such as preventive maintenance - are often the first to go. Instead, manufacturers choose to run equipment for as long as possible in "run-to-fail" mode. The strategy may be understandable, but it is not without risk. Unplanned downtime is costly and strains resources.


With Preventive Maintenance (PM) services from Harrigan Solutions, we'll make sure your equipment is optimized for efficiency. We'll tackle all the obvious PM tasks like checking oil levels and topping of fluids. But we'll also tackle what you wouldn't necessarily expect, and that's where we'll add real value. Our team of factory-trained technicians can:

  • Optimize filter settings to maximize efficiency. (In one case, we saved a customer $90,000 a year by recommending a filter media and index-setting change.)

  • Make sure you're using the most efficient, cost effective filter media.

  • Conduct cost-effective sump-side recycling of fluid.

  • Create a safer, more productive work environment by painting walls, ceilings and equipment.


We take a holistic approach to preventive maintenance because we know that's the best way to minimize downtime, streamline processes and save money.

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Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Fluid Management Equipment


"Bill's group in my opinion is the best. He will find ways to save you money and bring you value. He saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for KUS while I was there and earned the respect of many key people in the organization."

- Scott Haulotte, Director of Operations
                      Pierburg Inc.

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