High Flow Rate Pressure Filters

Womack Filters, available from Harrigan Solutions, provides Automatic Multiple Plate Pressure Filtration. Womack filtration systems are pressure filters engineered to handle high flow rates and provide fine-quality filtration typically required for color body removal or chemical & industrial waste treatment.

Typical applications for Womack pressure filters include:

  • Oil & gas wastewater applications such as:
    • Down hole deep well injection
    • Produced water & oil sand tailings
    • Waste water sludge
  • Metals rolling
  • Food and beverage can manufacturing
  • Industrial, chemical and waste treatment
  • Various metalworking processes where surface finish is critical
  • Commercial food cooking oils
  • Food processing
  • Clarification of potable water
  • Pre-filtration for reverse osmosis
  • Secondary oil recovery
  • Geothermal energy production
  • Mining

Womack Filters use a vertical stack filtration system that includes these features:
  • Simplicity in design and construction for high reliability, low maintenance, 24/7 operation
  • Totally renewed filter area with the use of disposable filter media following every clean cycle
  • Separate disposal of filter cake and media because of horizontal path of filter media through the filter assembly
  • Inexpensive expansion of filter area, frequently without requirement for additional floor space
  • Quick, easy and inexpensive installation and start-up; modularized construction is fully tested
  • Horizontal cake formation aided by gravity during process stop pages or power outages

Womack Pressure Filter


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