Plant Solutions

Helping manufacturers increase efficiency

At Harrigan Solutions, we focus on helping companies eliminate waste by optimizing and upgrading support equipment in metal cutting, grinding, and washing applications. We provide expertise in metalworking fluid filtration and recycling, chip handling/separation, metalworking fluids, lubes and greases and associated process/program management.

Our customers are manufacturers that typically don't have the people, expertise, time or budget to persistently attack continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. We offer:

Lean engineering
Whether your filters aren't working well enough, your staff can't keep up with centrifuge maintenance and repair, or you need to increase profitability, count on our team of experts to help find a solution.

Preventive maintenance: We take a holistic approach to preventive maintenance because we know that's the best way to identify every opportunity to streamline processes and reduce waste.

Sump-side filtration:  Our sump-side filtration service uses a new technology that allows metalworking fluids to be removed, recycled and refilled more efficiently than ever, helping customers save thousands of dollars each year.


Filter & centrifuge services: We offer a broad spectrum of filter and centrifuge services led by factory-trained experts; a whole-system approach designed to uncover opportunities to save money and extend equipment life.


Industrial painting:  Our team offers more than a quarter century experience in machining and painting. Let them help you create a safer, more productive work environment, extend the life of your machinery and project a professional image.