Service & Parts

We offer a complete line of products, parts and service to support fluid filtration, fluid recycling and chip handling/separation.


Filter & Centrifuge Service: We offer a broad spectrum of filter and centrifuge services led by factory-trained experts. Our team knows both the limitations and the potential of today's filtration equipment and can help you get the most out of each piece.

Preventive Maintenance: We take a holistic approach to preventive maintenance because we know that's the best way to identify every opportunity to streamline processes and reduce waste. 

Replacement Parts: We offer a complete line of replacement parts for filters, centrifuges and pumps.

Fluids: Our sister company, Harrigan Industrial Technologies, provides industrial lubricants, cutting fluids and filter media to metalworking companies. As one of the largest Castrol distributors in North America, Harrigan Industrial team helps our customers choose the right fluid for the job, so they can decrease cycle time, minimize equipment downtime and lower costs.

Filter Media: We specialize in helping our customers find the highest-performing media for their application. Authorized dealers of DuPont™ filter media, we help customers achieve better filtration, reduce filter media usage and increase productivity.


Safe Floors & More: This fast-acting oil eliminator helps you create a safer work environment. Its oil-eating microbes break down oily substances, dissolving the hydrocarbons on contact. Simply wipe away the shop floor for a safe, clean work surface.

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