Lean Manufacturing Engineering

Helping industrial customers reduce waste and streamline processes

There's a lot of talk among manufacturers today about the continuous-improvement concepts of Lean and World-Class Manufacturing. Plants are being reorganized. Processes are being redefined. And it's all with an eye toward maximizing productivity and minimizing waste.


We know all about reducing waste and streamlining processes. At Harrigan Solutions, we've been helping customers become more efficient - and more profitable - for decades.


We're engineers, plant managers, maintenance managers and finance experts who have lived the challenges of fluid filtration and spent years engineering solutions to overcome them. In fact, one of our consultants wrote the book on coolant filtration. Literally. So, we've got what it takes to make sure you can strike the right balance between performance and cost while meeting your unique filtration needs. And, we'll uncover ways to help you save money by reducing waste and streamlining processes.


So whether your filters aren't working well enough, your staff can't keep up with maintenance and repair, or you need to increase profitability, count on our team of experts to come alongside and help you find the right solution.

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Lean Manufacturing Engineering & Industrial Fluid Management

"Every rock Harrigan uncovers has money under it. They've saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars."

- Scott Haulotte, Karl Schmidt Unisia