Filter Media

All filter media is not created equal.

Off-the-shelf media sometimes fails to deliver on performance, and many of our customers say they've come to us after having been disappointed by these widely available products.  


At Harrigan Solutions, we specialize in helping our customers find the highest-performing media for their application. We start by understanding what's being filtered. Particle size and shape (morphology, as it's called) are important considerations in the media-selection process. Next, we define the required performance characteristics. And finally, with that information, we work with our customers to strike the optimal balance between flow rate and filter efficiency. By taking this tailor-made approach to filter media selection, our team helps customers:


  • Achieve better filtration

  • Reduce filter media usage through less frequent indexing

  • Increase productivity

  • Save money


So if the fluid in your operation isn't getting clean enough, or the filter media indexes too frequently, give us a call. Our team of experts has decades of experience in fluid filtering to help you zero in on the most efficient filter media for your application.

Call (888) 685-9603 or Contact Us today and we'll help you choose the right filter media for your needs.