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For more than 25 years, Harrigan Solutions has been helping industrial customers become more efficient and more profitable.


Bill Harrigan started the Germantown, Wisconsin company after having worked in account management and on-site service for a metalworking fluids manufacturer. And while much of our history is tied to metalworking, our approach to optimization is valid across many industries. Our goal is to help customers increase uptime, improve cycle times and reduce spending on indirect labor, fluid usage, disposal and tooling.


In other words, we cut waste.


We're engineers, plant managers, maintenance managers and finance experts who have lived the challenges of fluid filtration and spent years engineering solutions to overcome them. Our team's process expertise allows us to identify opportunities for profit improvement & our operational expertise enables us to implement changes quickly.  

Harrigan Industrial, our sister company, has an innovative focus on continuous improvement and plant cost reductions. With over 25 years of experience as an industrial lubricant and fluid distributor, Harrigan Industrial is proud to be one of the largest Castrol distributors in North America, and is also an authorized distributor of Acheson lubricants. 


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